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[EP-tech] about references and abstract field

Dear all,

I am trying to add enter to abstract and references fields on eprints,
however, it is not working. 

I followed the path on that link;

I added "render_abstract" to the eprint_field.pl's abstract line, then added
below code to the eprints>perl_lib>eprint>extras.pm


sub render_abstract


    my( $session , $field , $value ) = @ _;


    my $frag = $session->make_doc_fragment;

    foreach my $para ( split /\n[\r\s]*\n/, $value )


        my $p = $session->make_element( "p", class=>"abstract" );

        $p->appendChild( $session->make_text( $para ) );

        $frag->appendChild( $p );



    return $frag;



The repository can not open when i change the codes. generate_views also
didn't work. Please could you help me about this issue. How can i add the
line to abstract and references field. 


With best regards. 


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