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[EP-tech] multiple menu views


I'm after some further documentation for views that contain several levels of menu.

For each academic who has publications in the EPrints server I'm attempting to to create a set of menus that do the following:

(Menu 1) List all academics where each id will link to sub set of their publications (Menu 2).
(Menu 2) List the academics name with a link to their full list of publications + list the latest publications under their name (an intermediate stage before listing the users full list)

I've attempted to do this with a view configuration similar to the following:

id => "people_latest",
display_id_name => 1,
menus => [
         fields => [ "creators_id","editors_id" ],
             allow_null => 0,
             order => "-date/title",
             fields =>  [ "creators_id","editors_id"  ],
             allow_null => 0,
             order => "-date/title",
             render_menu => "render_latest_pubs",

where I was proposing that render_latest_pubs render the latest sub set of publications .

I imagine that because the fields in the 'sub menu' are the same I'm having trouble ( the /<creators_id>/ links in the first menu hang ) and therefore possibly using the incorrect method (views) to configure the pages. What would be the best approach to render a cropped list of publications for individual user which also includes a link to their full list?

Many thanks,