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[EP-tech] Re: IRStats 2: Number of items and old access tables

Hi Volker,

It's actually 49 items deposited in June vs. ~250k downloads on that period (that seems like a lot). Perhaps the UI should say "deposits" instead of the too-generic word "items". They're all "phrases" so that's easy to change locally.

You should be able to import "access" records afterwards - if new accessid are generated then the incremental process will work as expected (as it's relying on the latest "accessid" processed to re-start the stats munching). The date is the most important field for the access records so accessid's don't need to be continuous.

I haven't seen such a format for IP addresses, do you have many records like those? The IP is used to do the country lookup. On older records, the accuracy of the lookup is questionable since IP ranges do move from country to country over time.


On 17/07/13 10:15, Schallehn, Volker wrote:
Hi Seb,

when I display the download figures for a complete month like in this example:


IRStats 2 (epm: irstats2=0.0.4) just displays "49 items". Of course there are more than 49 downloaded items in June.

Another question: We have migrated from 3.0.5 to 3.3.10 by setting up a new archive, exporting all items and importing these items into the new 3.3.10 archive. But we have missed to import the access tables. Is there any way to do this import afterwards? So far as I can see some fields may have changed. Now just the IP address is stored in the "requester_id" field, before the IP address has been stored in this format: "urn:ip:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx". And what about the "accessid" field? We would like to avoid messing up the access tables completely.


Volker Schallehn

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Referat Elektronisches Publizieren

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