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[EP-tech] Re: REF2014 Plugin

Hi Malcolm,

It's true that v1.2+ looks significantly different than from the 
previous versions but the core functionalities remain the same.

There is no JSON export for the HEFCE submission system as far as I know.

To produce a REF2 report, click on [REF Reports], select the relevant 
UoA(s) and choose the REF2 Report. The next screen will show the 
selected publications for submission and potential warnings/errors (e.g. 
missing fields). From there you can export to XML which is a format 
accepted by the HEFCE submission system.

I hope this will help you.

Kind regards,

On 21/03/13 08:56, Malcolm Bodger wrote:
> Hi,
> I've installed the REF2014 plugin version 1.2.2 on our EPrints version 
> 3.2, but it does not look exactly like the screen shots in the 
> documentation, and I don't get the JSON export format option.
> What confuses me is the export format and how I can use this as a feed 
> for the REF2014 submission. Can someone direct me to the correct 
> procedure for producing a report fit for the REF2014 submission? Is 
> there more documentation?
> Thanks,
> Malcolm.
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