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[EP-tech] enabling new field "eprint_contributors"



                I've just enable the field "contributors" in
/workflow/eprint/default.xml. The field is a combination of 3 fields :
contributors_type; contributors_name and contributors_id. In input area
of the field  contributors_type, I have an error message : "[pin missing
: fieldname]". Even with this error message, I still have access to the
drop list of all types of contributors. Any idea where I can find or put
the missing pin ?


Also, I want the value of this field to be default to a certain value in
the list of contributors type. I tried something in
eprint_field_default.pl :


$data->{contributor_type_typename} = "Thesis advisor";


But It doesn't work. How can I default the value of the field
contributor_type_typename ?




Pierre Nault



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