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[EP-tech] Deposit to eprints via SWORD authenticated via LDAP.


I am trying to develop a plugin for moodle to integrate with eprints. My goal is to deposit resources from moodle to eprints. In this case I am using SWORD to deposit. But my problem is, My moodle users are authenticated by LDAP. So when I am depositing by using SWORD, that time I need to have username and password to connect swordappclient.

So how can I get those information to connect swordappclient? Or is there any other way to bypass the user and connect to swordappclient?


Abdul Bashet
E-Learning Developer

t: 020 7863 1330 (ext: 8089)
e: a.bashet at ulcc.ac.uk
w: www.ulcc.ac.uk<http://www.ulcc.ac.uk/>

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