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[EP-tech] Re: error message on navigation menu

Has there been any patching on the server recently?
More specifically, has the LibXML module been patched?

If so, you may be falling foul of the external entities issue:

You can possibly downgrade LibXML far enough to make it work, or you could replace all character entities (e.g.  ) with their numeric equivalent ( ) in your templates/phrases.

The bug seemed to be confined to RHEL (and CentOS), but recently someone reported an Ubuntu server falling foul of the same problem.


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the eprints repository is 3.2.7 which was running satisfactorily so far but suddenly due to unknown reasons, it starts throw error message on navigation button stating that "template/navaigation:home not defined, template/navigation:about not defined, bin/generate_views:indextitleprefix not defined, viewname_eprint_year not defined" etc on all over the navigational menus.

Then, I had attempted to reload the repository through console wherein the series of error messages are thrown on the screen stating that "undefined phrase: bin/generate_views:indextitleprefix.... etc..

Has any of these forum users come across such a situation, if so, please share your experinece and remedies to troubleshoot this error messages so that I can put back the normal operation of our repository. 

Thanks in advance.

with regards
S Mahalingam
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