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[EP-tech] "not existent field" error message when retrieving retired records


We have just discovered that the 300 or so retired records in our CaltechAUTHORS repository give an error when we try to view them.  If I log in as an administrator and use the admin search with only the "Retired" item status box checked, I get a list of search results.  Attempting to view any of the items, however, gives:
EPrints System Error
Attempt to get value from not existent field: eprint/replacedby
Retiring a record from the live archive appears to work (the status gets changed), but the same error message comes up.
The 'replacedby' field does exist in our eprint table, defined as int(11), and seems in most cases to have the value NULL.  We are running EPrints 3.3.9, upgraded from 3.1.3 last December.  I have no idea whether this error existed before the upgrade, though I suspect it didn't.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Any idea how to fix?

Betsy Coles
Caltech Library IT Group
bcoles at caltech.edu<mailto:bcoles at caltech.edu>

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