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[EP-tech] Re: To make a field multiple afterwards

Hi Florian,

Recent versions of EPrints will do this for you as you run "epadmin 
update" (added in May 2011).


On 18/04/13 09:35, Florian He? wrote:
> Hi,
> in order to turn a single-value field into a multiple field, I do so by
> adding multiple => 1 to the field definition in cfg.d/eprint_fields.pl,
> then I do `bin/epadmin update $repoid`. This command will create the
> additional tables. But how can I make EPrints transfer the data to the
> new place, facing the tables still empty after that command? I wouldn't
> enjoy much doing that manually, it's error-prone regarding the sub-fields.
> Kind regards,
> Florian He?