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[EP-tech] Re: Is eprints multitenant?

It does indeed depend on what you are trying to achieve - I think there are 2 separate concepts here.
White Rose appears to be a single repository, accepting deposits from 3 separate institutions, so presumably having a shared user table.

As John Salter noted, you can have multiple archives running on one instance of the Eprints software, such as we do at The Open University.

There is our main research repository (http://oro.open.ac.uk) and our oralhistory project repository (http://oralhistory.open.ac.uk)
They are running on the same bits of hardware, with one install of the eprints software, but separate repository configurations and separate user tables (and admin accounts thereon) in separate databases.

If this is more what you are trying to achieve, then the installation process shouldn't be vastly different from a single repository install, though it will require a separate round of configuration for the separate archive.

Karlo - perhaps you could explain further what you are trying to achieve?

Alan Stiles
Digital Repository Developer, Library Services
The Open University Library.

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Of course, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve, but I would 
say the ability to store data of multiple organizations is not enough to 
call a system multitenant.

The term as I know it from commercial IS refers to the ability to 
separately administer and audit an organization's users through 
independent organization-specific admin accounts who may only grant 
(restricted) permissions to those users belonging to their respective 
organization. Apart from that usually some shared data exists that is 
used by all tenants (rather than each tenant's system being completely 
separated from the others, which is a typical workaround suggesting that 
a system is NOT multitenant).

So I'd say that out-of-the-box EPrints with its central "users" table 
and a single "admin" account, just like most open source content 
management systems, does NOT qualify as multitenant, from the viewpoint 
of corporate IT - but always ask them what they mean exactly. It could 
conceivably be made multitenant in the above described sense through 
(potentially heavy) customization. Developers may correct me if I'm wrong.

David Kane wrote:
> Yes.
> White Rose Consortium is one example.
> http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/
> David.
> On 18 October 2012 14:48, Pavlovic,Karlo<karlo.pavlovic at imp.ac.at>  wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I am not a coder, but I need some specific information for my IT:
>> Is Eprints capable to serve multiple rganizations, i.e. is it multitenant?
>> If so, does this in principle affect the installation of the system or can
>> this be adjusted AFTER the installation?
>> Thank you!
>> Best,
>> Karlo Pavlovic
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