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[EP-tech] Re: Is eprints multitenant?

No quite sure what you mean by this question, but I think this might answer it:

You can host multiple archives on one instance of the EPrints software.
Each archive connects to a separate database, has it's own design and files, users and would be accessed from it's own URL.

You could run it with each organization having it's own 'archive'.

Does that help?

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Subject: [EP-tech] Is eprints multitenant?

Dear all,

I am not a coder, but I need some specific information for my IT:

Is Eprints capable to serve multiple rganizations, i.e. is it multitenant?

If so, does this in principle affect the installation of the system or can
this be adjusted AFTER the installation?

Thank you!
Karlo Pavlovic 

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