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[EP-tech] Comments in XML configuration files: beware! (possibly needs fixing)

In case you weren't already aware...

Comments in XML configuration files (e.g. citations) will come through to the rendered page.
To me, this is an unexpected behaviour* - not sure what others think?

  <when test="type = 'book' and is_set( creators )">
    <print expr="creators_name"/>
  <when ...>
   <!-- print nothing? Some variant of <print expr="creators_name"/>? -->

Results in a literal HTML comment when none of the <when ...> statements are matched:
   <!-- print nothing? Some variant of <print expr="creators_name"/>? -->

It's fairly easy to look at the source code for an abstract page and see what's in there - not so easy to spot when just viewing the webpage itself!


*My reasoning for this being unexpected is that there are internal-comments in the file already e.g.
        Full citation for an eprint.
I would not expect this to end up in the rendered page - and therefore not other comments!