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[EP-tech] Exporting a .zip file

EPrints 3.2.2 on Solaris

I'm writing an exporter to download the item as a .zip file (as in, a 
file that can be used in a SWORD deposit.)

I can create the .zip file; I can send something called foo.zip back to 
the user.... but the thing I get back is not readable as a .zip file!

Here is the code (with most of the integrity-checking & sanity-checking 
taken out)

---------------- code -----------------

package EPrints::Plugin::Export::SWORD_Deposit_File;

use strict;
use warnings;

use Archive::Zip qw( :ERROR_CODES :CONSTANTS);

use EPrints::Plugin::Export::METS_Broker;
our @ISA = qw( EPrints::Plugin::Export::METS_Broker );

our $PREFIX = '';

sub new
     my ($class, %opts) = @_;

     my $self = $class->SUPER::new(%opts);

     $self->{name}    = "foo";
     $self->{accept}  = ['dataobj/eprint', 'list/eprint'];
     $self->{visible} = "all";

     $self->{xmlns}          = "foo";
     $self->{schemaLocation} = "foo2";
     $self->{suffix}         = ".zip";
     $self->{mimetype}       = 'application/zip';

     return $self;
} ## end sub new

sub output_dataobj
     my ($plugin, $dataobj) = @_;

     my $text;
     $text = <<EOX;
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>


     my $xml = $plugin->xml_dataobj($dataobj);
     $text .= EPrints::XML::to_string($xml);

     # Use Archive::Zip to create the zip file
     my $archive = Archive::Zip->new();

     # Add the manifest as mets.xml

     # for some reason, I can't get Archive::Zip to add a file with
     # unicode characters, so this is a nasty hack, sorry
     my $tmpdir = EPrints::TempDir->new(UNLINK => 0);
     my $tmpfile = "${tmpdir}/mets.xml";
warn "tempfile: $tmpfile\n";

     # write out the xml file
     my $FH;
     open($FH, ">:utf8", "$tmpfile");
     print $FH $text;
     $archive->addFile($tmpfile, "mets.xml");

     # end of fudge

     # Each 'Document' is represented by a directory
     # Each 'Document' many have a number of files
     foreach my $doc ($dataobj->get_all_documents)

         # In the zip file, we use file paths rather than URLs, however
         # this routine is very similar to the methodology in
         # EPrints::Plugin::Export::METS_Broker::_make_fileSec

         # the docpath is the path to the document on the disk,
         # formatted:
         # /<EprintsRoot>/archive/<archiveID>/documents/<somepath>/<doc_id>
         my $docroot = $doc->local_path;
         $docroot =~ /\/(\d+)$/;
         my $doc_id = $doc->get_id;

         $archive->addTree($docroot, $doc_id);
      } ## end foreach my $doc ($dataobj->get_all_documents...)

my @M = $archive->memberNames();
warn "Archive: @M\n";
     # as of Perl 5.8.0, we can open a filehandle to variables
     my $buffer = "";
     open(my $fh, ">:bytes", \$buffer) || warn "Can't open a buffer in 

     unless ($archive->writeToFileHandle($fh) == AZ_OK)
         warn "failed to write archive into scalar\n";
     close $fh;
warn "Written archive into scalar\n";
warn "size:". length($buffer)."\n";

    return $buffer;
} ## end sub output_dataobj

---------------- code -----------------

As you can see, I've got some debugging going on

tempfile: /var/tmp/n2grhkaewB/mets.xml
Archive: mets.xml 474/ 474/2012-09-06767_121010093659.zip
Written archive into scalar

and looking at the .zip file:
[broker at devel:Export]: unzip -l /var/tmp/n2grhkaewB/deposit.zip
Archive:  /var/tmp/n2grhkaewB/deposit.zip
   Length     Date   Time    Name
  --------    ----   ----    ----
      4206  11-20-12 09:29   mets.xml
         0  10-10-12 14:37   474/
      1178  10-10-12 14:37   474/2012-09-06767_121010093659.zip
  --------                   -------
      5384                   3 files

So.... I can obviously MAKE the file.... I just can't send it back to 
the user sensibly.

Anyone done this?
If not - anyone any suggestions as to why it's not working?

Oh - and a SWORD transfer exporter is fine: it's essentially this code, 
but then uses LWP::UserAgent to do a post:

   my $ua      = LWP::UserAgent->new();
   my $rxml    = $plugin->{session}->xml;
   my $returns = $rxml->create_element("returns");
   my $req = HTTP::Request->new(POST => $target->{uri});

   # Tell SWORD to process the contents of the zip file as my format
            'X-Packaging'         => 'http://opendepot.org/broker/1.0',
            'X-No-Op'             => 'false',
            'X-Verbose'           => 'false',
            'Content-Disposition' => 'filename=sword_deposit.zip',
            'filename'            => 'sword_deposit.zip',
   my $res = $ua->request($req);
   if ($res->is_success)
      my $content_dom = $rxml->parse_string($res->content);
      my $fragment = $content_dom->getElementsByTagName('entry')->item(0);
   } ## end if ($res->is_success)


Ian Stuart.
Developer: ORI, RJ-Broker, and OpenDepot.org
Bibliographics and Multimedia Service Delivery team,
The University of Edinburgh.


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