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[EP-tech] Starting EPrints Indexer service on Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack1

Dear Sirs,

We had installed a fresh copy of EPrints along with Apache, MySQL, PERL on Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack1 as written in the installation documentation for Windows.
Eprints Indexer Service in Server Manager is put to start Automatic, but the status is stopped.
But when We tried to execute indexer service (perl C:\eprints\bin\indexer start) an error occured:
C:\eprints\bin>perl indexer start

---------------- EPrints System Error ----------------------------

Starting EPrints Indexer service: The service did not respond to the start or
control request in a timely fashion
EPrints System Error inducing stack dump
 at C:/eprints/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints.pm line 145
        EPrints::abort('EPrints') called at
C:/eprints/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Index/Daemon/MSWin32.pm line 25
Win32=HASH(0x484528c)', 'Starting EPrints Indexer service') called at
C:/eprints/bin/../perl_lib/EPrints/Index/Daemon/MSWin32.pm line 110

MSWin32=HASH(0x484528c)') called at indexer line 357
main::start() called at indexer line 252

C:\eprints\bin>perl indexer status

Indexer is not running

Can you help us to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Igor Stojanovic

Igor Stojanovic, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Lab for Digital Resources and Open Access
Faculty of Computer Science
"Goce Delcev" University - Stip

mob: +389 76 427 237<tel:%2B389%2076%20427%20237><https://webmail.ugd.edu.mk/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx>; +389 78 427 868<tel:%2B389%2078%20427%20868><https://webmail.ugd.edu.mk/owa/UrlBlockedError.aspx>
e-mail: igor.stojanovik at ugd.edu.mk<mailto:igor.stojanovik at ugd.edu.mk>
e-mail: stojanovic.igor at gmail.com<mailto:stojanovic.igor at gmail.com>
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