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[EP-tech] Linked data (RDF) metadata input and metadata storage

Hi all,

I've joined the list for a little while as I am working on
a repository evaluation project for a client.

I am interested in support for RDF-ready metadata in EPrints in the context
of an established set of external name authorities able to supply URIs for
people, groups, subjects, grant-codes etc. I am aware that there is some
RDF export, but this uses EPrints URIs for things, I'm interested in being
able to use URIs that already exist on the ingest side.

Here's what I think would be ideal. When entering any metadata in a form,
eg for a person, there is an external lookup to enable the user to pick the
right entry from a remote authority. The result would be a field with all
the existing EPrints fields for an author plus a URI. Same would go for
subjects etc. (I was involved in implementing something like this using an
opensearch lookup returning JSON on the ReDBox researcch data repository
project http://www.redboxresearchdata.com.au/)

I think what I'm looking for is something like the DSpace
name/value/authority metadata structure which is apparently standard.

Does the software do this, or something like this already? If not (a) is it
a good idea and (b) how doable it it?


Peter Sefton +61410326955 pt at ptsefton.com http://ptsefton.com
Gmail, Twitter & Skype name: ptsefton
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