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[EP-tech] Using a user metafield to control eprint workflow

In our archive, we have a namedset for 'collections':

This is used in an eprint to show which primary collection an item belongs to.
I also want to use the same namedset in the user configuration to control which collections someone can deposit into:
E.g. User has 'collection1' and 'collection3' selected in their profile, the first stage of the eprint workflow would be:
Which collection?
[] Collection 1
[] Collection 3

If a user only has access to one collection, this stage is skipped (as the field is set in the eprint_defaults.pl file).

What is the best way to control the options available in the workflow based on the depositing user?
It's similar to the 'user_review_scope.pl' - but at the depositing end of the process...

I'm probably overlooking something very simple!