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[EP-tech] Feature Request: Failover from Publisher Version to Repository Version

I would like to have an eprints repository preferentially supply the full 
text from or via the publisher website where that is open access, but have a 
failover provision of the full text from a local copy in the repository. This 
would help repositories to support open access journals (which for a variety 
of reasons would often wish to route request for the papers through their 
websites/archives, not least for centralised download tracking) while still 
using the repository as a certain provider of free access in case the 
publisher site is down, has moved the paper from its URI, or shifted to 
access restrictions.

Professor Andrew A Adams                      aaa at meiji.ac.jp
Professor at Graduate School of Business Administration,  and
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan       http://www.a-cubed.info/