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[EP-tech] Demoprints Repositry and SWORD


I am currently trying to deposit entries in EPrints via the SWORD protocol. I have tried my test client (written in JAVA) with Demoprints (http://demoprints.eprints.org/) and everything works great.
However I should also manage to install locally a version of EPrints and enable SWORD (version 2.0 if possible) interface in EPrints. From the ServiceDocument of Demoprints I can see that there the SWORD interface
supports the EPrintsXML Packaging format:<sword:acceptPackaging>http://eprints.org/ep2/data/2.0</sword:acceptPackaging>.

What do I need to do in order to enable that? As far as I saw Demoprints is a demostration of EPrints 3.3.9. What should I write in the apache files and the repository files? I have
tried with EPrints 3.3.9 but when I created a local repository I did not found a sword.pl file in the repository directories - should I write this file alone? Or I have missed to configure something?

Thank you very much in advance!
Best regards,
Zaharina Stoynova

Dipl.-Math. Zaharina Stoynova
Universit?ts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt
Abteilung Elektronische Informationsdienste
Schlo?, 64283 Darmstadt