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[EP-tech] Eprints_Question_Belize

Hi, I am Nicole.
I need to make a change in the security.pl file of eprints.
I want all internal staff to not have any restrictions to download
archives. But restrictions will stay the same for internet users.
So on our internal network all archives will be open for view/download.
Currently all I know the change has to be made in the security.pl file
I see the code below in the file:

If I get the code right below, it is allowing ALL access by user internal
IP address on an internal network.

    my( $oncampus ) = 0;
    $oncampus = 1 if( $ip eq "" );
    return( "USER" ) if( $security eq "campus_and_validuser" && $oncampus );
    return( "ALLOW" ) if( $security eq "campus_or_validuser" && $oncampus );
    return( "ALLOW" ) if( $security eq "campus" && $oncampus );

What other setup can I have?
Can you please give your recommendations on a setup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nicole Weatherburne
Database Administrator
Environmental Research Institute
University of Belize
Belmopan Campus
Tel: 501-822-3680 ext 438; 501-822-2701
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