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[EP-tech] Preservation toolkit - triggering classification

Hello all,

Having a bit of trouble getting some objects classified using the 
preservation toolkit in EP 3.3.6

The allow_droid_classification_control appears to be ignored (according 
to the screen and some grepping) so there is no button to press.

# Option to enable interface buttons to manually start classification 
scans, normally this process would just be controlled by a cron job.

I was wondering what the mentioned cron would look like? The bazaar 
package does not drop any scripts in bin to run, so is there a neat new 
way to trigger events via cron? It doesn't appear to be happening 


Also FYI I had to patch the Droid epm. 
lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Screen/EPMC/Droid.pm There is a move() in 
there that was copying just the DROID directory from tmp and none of the 
java-y bits within. This may be the way RHEL behaves with 
File::Copy::move (Maybe debian invokes it in a more mv-like way)

I fixed it by using File::Copy::Recursive::rmove

There may be a less awkward method, but that worked for me.



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