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[EP-tech] Re: multilang eprints.* fields show up as HASH(0xhexnumber) in html head

If anybody cares, those meta fields are generated in
EPrints/Plugin/Export/Simple.pm and attached patch adds multilang
support by simple copy/paste from DC.pm

2012/3/2 Dobrica Pavlinu?i? <dpavlin at gmail.com>:
> We are using eprints 3.3.8 from Debian package and decided to use
> multilang fields for title, keywords and abstracts to provide English
> translation along with our Croatian originals.
> However, when EPrints generates <meta> tags we get something like this:
> <meta name="eprints.title" content="HASH(0xfc3107a8)" />
> <meta name="eprints.ispublished" content="submitted" />
> <meta name="eprints.subjects" content="SOC" />
> <meta name="eprints.full_text_status" content="public" />
> <meta name="eprints.keywords" content="HASH(0xfc236248)" />
> <meta name="eprints.keywords" content="HASH(0xfc301f40)" />
> <meta name="eprints.abstract" content="HASH(0xfc315c48)" />
> <meta name="eprints.abstract" content="HASH(0xfc330770)" />
> This makes *some* sense, because we have one title, and multilang
> keywords and abstract for this entry, however I would love to have
> text inside content. This is especially bad for Google Scholar and
> other crawlers (including Zoterro) which seem to prefer eprints.* meta
> fields as opposed to DC.title and/or DC.subject.
> I should also stress out that DC.* meta fileds are correctly generated
> (once, using default language to select one of available values).
> I did try to find my way through source code using grep, but I'm stuck
> where to look. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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