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[EP-tech] Update EPrints 3.1.1 - 3.3.10

I have a Problem, can you help me?

On my current server I have an old version of EPrints 3.1.1 and want to upgrade to the new version of EPrints3.3.10 make SLES11sp1 server.

1.       Preinstall
What version of MySQL, Apache, PHP, Perl and mod_perl can be compiled by EPrints 3.3.10?

2.       compile
Which flags are set at compile?

3.       Other Application
If you need any other applications? libxml, PCRE, SQLite Library?

4.       Range
Between steps are necessary?
3.1.1 -> 3.2.9 -> 3.3.10

Thank you.
Cengiz Dindar

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