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[EP-tech] REF plugin clashing field definition

Hopefully a simple question I'm just not quite grasping - I'm currently trying to 'one-click install' the REF2014 plugin on eprints 3.3.10 , but the install is crashing in the midst of a chunky eval statement.
It appears that the problem is being caused by the following line :

  # User fields for REF
  $c->add_dataset_field( \'user\', { name => \'staff_id\', type => \'id\' }, reuse => 1 );

where we already have the field 'staff_id' defined, as type text (varchar 255 in MySQL) field containing a zero-led numeric value.  The thought was to redefine the field type in the database, and the user_fields.pl to match that expected by the REF plugin, but a search of the eprints wiki to determine the base field type in mySQL leads to the following page


which contains the line

  "Deprecated. This is a lingering part of EPrints 2 and should not be used."

If it's still depricated, why is it being used (at least twice) in the plugin for 3.3.x, and if not, can somebody please poke the above document page to say something a little more relevant?
In either case, any thoughts as to what I should be doing to solve the clashing field definitions  (eprints type and MySQL field type settings)?

thanks in advance!
Alan Stiles
Digital Repository Developer, Library Services
The Open University Library
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, United Kingdom.

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