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[EP-tech] Re: specific Views for particular types

Am 30.03.2012 14:20, schrieb Florian He?:
> But clicking on one type, that is linked to
> $base_url/view/dissmed_autor/myEprintType_xy/, I get then a 404: File
> not found. The missing page is instead accessible with
> $base_url/view/dissmed_autor/myEprintType_xy/myEprintType_xy/, note the
> double subdirectory. When clicking on an author then, I get another 404,
> as the author urls should have again only one myEprintType_xy/ in the path.
> Could you tell me what is wrong here, please? Or is this one of the
> regressions you say they are fixed in 3.3.8 so the problem will be past
> on update?

Indeed, this issue is gone in version 3.3.8, thank you.

F Hess

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