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[EP-tech] Windows ACS single sign-on


I'm currently running eprints 3.2.8 with edshare 3.2 on Ubuntu 10.04LTS

I'd like to integrate with our Windows Azure-based single sign-on system.

Can anyone recommend which eprints files I'll need to look at to customize the login?

I'll need to retain the current login form, to allow admin logins - but I'd like to hide it with JS, and have a discrete link that will unhide it.
For ACS logins, I'll need to display a button that will simply redirect the user to our ACS (access control service) server.

The ACS logs the user in if they're not already logged in, and needs to redirect the user back to the eprints server, passing a session ID, which I'll need to verify, and then tell eprints what their username is, and that they should be logged in.

So, to clarify: eprints will store user accounts for all users, but won't handle password authentication, except for the admin account.
Any pointers on how to approach this would be welcome, as I'm still just learning my way around the eprints code.

For the ACS-specific code, I plan on basing it on Microsoft's ACS plugin for wordpress, which looks like it'll be fairly straightforward to convert to perl.


Carl Franks
Technology and Innovation in Learning Team
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