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[EP-tech] Re: search error

On Tue, 2012-04-03 at 06:08 +0000, A.Dun at acfonline.org.au wrote:
> Hi Eprint Users, 
> We have upgraded 3.3.8 in the hope to fix our search issues.
> Unfortunately, we are still not getting appropriate results from our
> searching. E.g. we type the word ?sustainable? in the title search and
> we only get one return and we have at least 50 books with that title
> in it. We are not using Xapian search. We have also run the
> erase_fulltext_ index command and this has not fixed the problem. Any
> suggestions? Thanks in advance.


You need to do some debugging ...

Find an eprint that doesn't match but should and in MySQL do:

SELECT * FROM eprint__rindex WHERE eprintid=[eprintid] AND

That will show you the terms that have been indexed for the title of the
eprint that doesn't match.

Once we know the eprint has indexed properly we can start looking at the
search ...

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