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[EP-tech] Indexing - cleanup indexed terms after mass deletions

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.


Hi All,


Our original repo, houses traditional outputs (Articles, conference papers etc.) as well as Theses…

We have split the Theses into a dedicated repo, cloning the original system (metadata and files), and then removed the non-theses (search->batch edit->remove all records).


I have noticed that there are entries in the various database index tables, referring to eprints that are no longer in the system…

I have run epadmin reindex over ‘<repo> eprint’ and ‘<repo> document’, but the indexed values persist…


e.g. eprint__index contains a fieldword = ‘title:elephant’ with ids = ‘:12345:’  but there is no eprint 12345 in the system any longer.


I thought the permanent removal of the non-theses items would have cleaned up the index tables as process occurred?


Any thoughts appreciated.






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