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Re: [EP-tech] Ubuntu 20 or 22 LTS

Hi Tomasz,

I would take a look at:


I would advise running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as it will be longer before you need to upgrade.  If you have any bespoke features on your Repository there may be other issues, as this is written for the generic case.  

For MySQL, I advise installing whatever the default is for the operating system so for Ubuntu that is MySQL (for Debian it is MariaDB).  Both Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04 have the issue that if you running MySQL/MariaDB it will install an create a MySQL user with username root and no password but the eprints OS user will have no way of accessing this only the root OS user.  If you are migrating this is less of an issue as you will already have a MySQL user with password you will need to migrate so that EPrints as an application can access its database.

Beyond the MySQL root user issue, there are no known major problems running EPrints on either version of Ubuntu.  An issue I have encountered on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) but I don't think is an issue on Ubuntu, is that Apache no longer uses MPM Prefork which EPrints still needs, as it can segfault in some cases if run using MPM Event.  You may want to check the Apache configuration to make sure it is still using Prefork.  the segfault issue is something we are investigating for the next major release of EPrints, as MPM Prefork does not allow for HTTP/2.0 and HTTP/3.0, which would noticeably improve the responsiveness of EPrints.


David Newman

On 16/01/2024 18:45, Tomasz Neugebauer wrote:
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
We are running EPrints 3.4.3, with Mysql 8, on Ubuntu 18 server, and we will need to upgrade the OS to Ubuntu 20 or 22.
The nice folks at EPrints Services have always helped us get through these challenging upgrades in the past; so I recommend EPS and will rely on their expertise again.
I am also posting the question on here as well, seeing as there may be people who have been through one of these OS upgrades in a similar setup. 
Did anyone upgrade their Ubuntu from 18 to 20 while running EPrints 3.4.3? Ubuntu 20 to 22?  If yes, how did it go?  Any words of advice or caution?



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