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[EP-tech] Search filters: negation or searching for "either X or NULL"

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
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Hi everyone,

I'm having a hard time creating the correct filter for a custom OAI set and I was hoping for some help here.

The set is based on a field which can be either TRUE, FALSE or NULL. It should contain only records where the value is not TRUE (alternatively where it's either FALSE or NULL).

I have not found out how to negate/invert a filter, so I could search for "not TRUE". Neither have I managed to filter for "has value of FALSE or has no value at all".

The snipped below excludes all NULLs, presumably because it treats "NULL" as a string here.

  meta_fields => [ "my_field" ],
  value => "FALSE NULL",
  match => "IN",
  merge => "ANY"

AFAIK, multiple filters are always combined with logical AND. Is there a way to change this to "AND NOT" or "OR"?

I'm sure this is possible somehow and I'll feel quite stupid once someone points it out. :)

Many thanks in advance and best regards
Dennis Müller, B.A.

Universität Mannheim
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