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[EP-tech] Admin Screen JavaScript Problem

Hi James,

Yes you were correct with you amendment to the flavours/pub_lib/inc.? 
Based on the added fields this sounds like a 3.4.3 to 3.4.4 upgrade.? 
Therefore, check for information at:


However, the fix I suggested is the only know new dependency on a 3.4.3 
-> 3.4.4 upgrade.? However, if you do find any others let me know and I 
will update this wiki page.

The issue you look to be reporting now seems to be a permissions one.? I 
guess there is a chance that the OS package upgrade has changed the 
permissions on some directories which? prevents files from being 
copied.? This is not something I have noted before but it is worth 
checking the 
directory and its ancestor directories.? Alternatively, it could be an 
SELinux file contexts issue.? However, that seems unlikely, as if you 
knowingly had SELinux enabled, you would probably know that on any 
upgrade you need to check the audit log of any thinking SELinux may be 
now blocking.? The EPrints OS packages do not contain their own SELinux 
policies.? Mainly due to how much EPrints can be customised, (e.g. 
Bazaar plugins, ingredients and bespoke code for the archive).? This 
would be near impossible to write an SELinux policy that would cover all 
bases, whilst also not be being overly lax.


David Newman

On 11/11/2022 14:32, James Kerwin wrote:

> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> To spare the wider list of my woes I'll send this to you.
> I've added:
> ingredients/prototypejs
> to inc.
> Though I still appear to be having problems. I'll keep at it today to 
> see where I get.
> Thanks,
> James
> On Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 2:23 PM James Kerwin <jkerwin2101 at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>     Hi David,
>     Thank you so much for your response.
>     The files were weird. In my logs I had:
>     Can't copy /usr/share/eprints/lib/static/style/images/bar_24px.png
>     to
>     /usr/share/eprints/archives/liverpool_rdm/html/en/style/images/bar_24px.png:
>     Permission denied
>     I went through and copied each one and they vanished from my error
>     list in Chrome inspector. Not the end of my problems.
>     Doing the dry run of UPDATE yielded:
>     Dry run: Fixed subject__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: Fixed eprint__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: Added additional_recipients to dataset saved_search
>     Dry run: Fixed saved_search__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: Added upload_url to dataset document
>     Dry run: Fixed document__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: Fixed user__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: Fixed request__rindex.field collation
>     Dry run: 0 datasets added
>     Dry run: 2 fields added
>     Dry run: 0 counters were added
>     So it's adding two new fields when I run it properly? upload_url
>     in Document and additional_recipients to saved_search?
>     Now on to inc. I currently have:
>     flavours/pub_lib
>     ingredients/bazaar
>     #ingredients/jquery
>     #site_lib
>     At risk of sounding incredibly stupid, what do I need to do to add
>     prototype here? I have seen a prototype.js file somewhere today.
>     Do I need to point it to that?
>     Thanks,
>     James
>     On Fri, Nov 11, 2022 at 1:15 PM David R Newman
>     <drn at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:
>         Hi James,
>         /"appeared to be some eprints updates//amongst them.//"/
>         Do you mean you have EPrints installed as an OS (RPM or Deb)
>         package?? If so there may be a number of issues if EPrints
>         source code has been updated. The first thing I would do is
>         check to see if there are any updates required to the database:
>         bin/epadmin update_dry_run REPOID
>         If these looks sane then run "epadmin update REPOID" to
>         actually do the update.
>         If you are getting Internal server error messages you can
>         usually see them in the webserver error log files. As I assume
>         you have HTTPS enabled this will likely be in the
>         ssl_error_log or a similarly named file. (Check what you have
>         set in your archive's ssl/securevhost.conf file).
>         It may be that you need to tinker with the ingredients
>         included fro EPrints.? One requirement of upgrading an
>         existing EPrints 3.4 repository to 3.4.4 is to add the
>         prototypejs ingredient to flavours/pub_lib/inc.? This the
>         first step in trying to make EPrints JavaScript API agnostic
>         and ultimately replace EPrints underlying JavaScript library
>         (Prototype) either with a more commonly used JS library or
>         just to use native JS.
>         I am not sure what would be causing PNG images to give
>         internal server errors that does seem very odd.? Hopefully the
>         error messages in the webserver log files will explain.
>         Regards
>         David Newman
>         On 11/11/2022 12:55, James Kerwin via Eprints-tech wrote:
>>         *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of
>>         Southampton.
>>         Hi All,
>>         I've just applied some Ubuntu updates and to my horror
>>         noticed there appeared to be some eprints updates amongst them.
>>         Now the page where I login to edit an eprint or upload files
>>         etc. is messed up. All of the tabs (Preview, Details,
>>         Actions, Messages, History and Issues) show all of their
>>         content under each tab. Eg. under details I see the preview,
>>         details, actions and so on. Same if I click on another tab.
>>         It is also not allowing me to upload files. I can go through
>>         the motions of adding a file, but when I click "upload" the
>>         page appears to refresh and do nothing.
>>         My guess is that this has introduced some JavaScript
>>         problems. Irritatingly?I think I've fixed this same problem
>>         previously.
>>         Can anybody offer some advice on where to look? If I
>>         "inspect" the page in Crome?I can see that we can't access
>>         minus.png, plus.png, warning.png etc giving a "500 (internal
>>         server error)".
>>         Thanks,
>>         James
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