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[EP-tech] Admin Screen JavaScript Problem

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi All,

I've just applied some Ubuntu updates and to my horror noticed there appeared to be some eprints updates amongst them.

Now the page where I login to edit an eprint or upload files etc. is messed up. All of the tabs (Preview, Details, Actions, Messages, History and Issues) show all of their content under each tab. Eg. under details I see the preview, details, actions and so on. Same if I click on another tab.

It is also not allowing me to upload files. I can go through the motions of adding a file, but when I click "upload" the page appears to refresh and do nothing.

My guess is that this has introduced some JavaScript problems. Irritatingly I think I've fixed this same problem previously.

Can anybody offer some advice on where to look? If I "inspect" the page in Crome I can see that we can't access minus.png, plus.png, warning.png etc giving a "500 (internal server error)".

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