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[EP-tech] Shifting eprints 3.4.3 from RHEL7 to RHEL8

Hi Chris,

Yes, my EPrints SELinux module does seem to be forever expanding.? A lot 
of that is down more to monitoring (i.e. NRPE) and other stuff I want to 
do.? I am happy to share if anyone is interested.? One of the odd things 
I have at the moment is that Apache keeps saying it needs 
self:capability for net_admin.? I am not sure why Apache needs to be 
able to touch network configuration.

I have written some Ansible playbooks for automation but those are 
mainly to apply improvements/fixes on top of the initial Rocky Linux 8 
image template, which already has EPrints installed. I then use this 
image template to build new EPrints VMs.

Although I still maintain and produce the EPrints RPM and Deb packages 
for new versions of EPrints 3.4, I am not a big fan of using them to 
upgrade production repositories. EPrints is not really the sort of 
software, (because it can be extensively configured), which can be 
upgraded without there likely being issues.? This is because you cannot 
account for every configuration scenario.? So even if vanilla EPrints is 
tested and upgrades nicely, that may not be the case for your 
repository.? An initial install using a standalone RPM, is easier than 
installing from source and at least does not leave you at risk of 
upgrading through the package manager without realising.? However, 
upgrading in place is quite difficult.? I would always advise upgrading 
a pre-production instance of your EPrints repository to make sure you 
won't have any issues or at least have a plan if you do, before 
upgrading your production repository.


David Newman

On 23/05/2022 9:37 am, Christopher Gutteridge via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Oh, I've recently done a puppet setup for EPrints on RHEL8. That's a 
> server automation tool. It included all the faff for SELinux.
> The interesting bits are in manifests/ and templates/
> manifests/init.pp sets up the server, and repository.pp is a pattern 
> to set up each repository, with the config from a git repository.
> the EPrints RPM and the default flavour are bundled as they were a 
> pain in the upgrade.
> On 23/05/2022 09:08, Jens Witzel via Eprints-tech wrote:
>> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
>> Dear EP-Tech Group
>> Does anyone here have experience with the transition from RHEL7 to 
>> RHEL8 and the consequences of the new security policy in combination 
>> with Eprints3.4? What pitfalls are to be expected?
>> Every hint is welcome
>> Thanks
>> Jens
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