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[EP-tech] Eprint default template XML file

If I recall... the file is evaluated for the current context, resolving 
all the conditions based on the context item (eprint), and ending up 
with a set of stages, containing components, containing fields.

So long as that happens it'll work fine. However if you've decided to 
put the logic at a higher level, that's fine. Just be careful to make 
sure when you make a change you apply it to all the relevant places it 
repeats that element.

On 13/05/2022 14:40, Laurent Cloarec via Eprints-tech wrote:
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> Hi everybody!
> The "core" stage of the cfg/workflows/eprint/default.xml file for our 
> repository had slowly become a "mess" (or, if you prefer a gastronomic 
> metaphor, some kind of "plate of spaghetti"!), each time harder to 
> maintain, with its huge amount of nested tests, loops, etc...
> For instance, I've just figured out that two contradictory logical 
> tests where nested one into the other!
> So I would like to reorder it, and the first idea that comes to me is 
> to use the following EPC tags, according to the type of item, somehow 
> like this:
>> <epc:choose>
>>  ??? <epc:when test="type ='item_type_x'">
>>  ??? ??? ...
>>  ??? </epc:when>
>>  ??? <epc:when test="type ='item_type_y'">
>>  ??? ??? ...
>>  ??? </epc:when>
>>  ??? <epc:when test="type ='item_type_z'">
>>  ??? ??? ...
>>  ??? </epc:when>
>>  ??? <epc:otherwise>
>>  ??? ??? ...
>>  ??? </epc:otherwise>
>> </epc:choose>
> where the "..." dots would be replaced by the complete list of every 
> "component" necessary for the given item type, with the required 
> values tests.
> But my question comes around the fact to wonder if it's a good idea, 
> or if it is mandatory to follow the commonly ordered flow of all 
> possible components, whatever the item type may be (tests would 
> determine their presence or not).
> Thank you in advance for any "authorized" answer, and best regards...
> --
> Laurent Cloarec
> Service Commun de la Documentation - Service du Num?rique Documentaire
> Universit? Toulouse 1 Capitole
> t?l. : (+33)(0)
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