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[EP-tech] non-existent dates and oai-pmh sets

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hello everyone,

I have a couple of questions.

First question, it's about setting an embargo expiry date (and choosing other dates).  It was recently brought to my attention that it is possible to set "non-existent" dates, for example, February 31st or April 31st.  I'm not sure if I hadn't thought about this before, or if I didn't really think of this as an issue, but I suppose this raises the question of:
If the embargo expiry date (e.g: April 31st) never happens, then does the embargo ever expire?  ?   The question is, has anyone thought this issue serious enough to build-in some error checking for this, or attempted to modify the date-picker interface that exists in EPrints to address this issue?

Second question, it's about limiting what is inside an OAI-PMH set.  Based on my understanding, we can use something like this in the oai.pl configuration to create a set that is both (1) limited to un-embargoed (open access) items AND (2) items limited by type:

$oai->{custom_sets} = [
            {           spec => "openaire", name => "OpenAIRE Set - OA article conference book monograph",
                        filters=> [
                                    {meta_fields=>["full_text_status"], value=>"public"},
                                    {meta_fields =>[qw( type )], merge => "ANY", value => "article conference_item book_section monograph book" }
How can I confirm if this is working correctly?  In other words, how can I test if an item in the repository is part of an OAI-PMH set?  Is there a URL syntax where I could pass the eprintid and the set name to find out if it is part of the set?



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