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[EP-tech] Searching for DOIs

Hi Verena,

I think this is due to the id_number field for eprint being set as a 
'text' rather than an 'id' type field.? This can be fixed by editing the 
eprint_fields.pl file that you will likely already have in your 
archive's cfg/cfg.d/ directory and changing the type for the id_number.? 
If this file is not already in your archive's cfg/cfg.d/ directory it 
can be copied to this directory from EPrints' lib/cfg.d/ (EPrints 3.3) 
or flavours/pub_lib/cfg.d/ (EPrints 3.4).? Being an 'id' rather than 
'text' field does not effect the representation of this field in the 
database, so you can just reload the web server (e.g. apachectl 
graceful) to effect this change.

Making this change means you need to search for the exact DOI in a 
case-sensitive way.? Often the way that DOIs are entered for this field 
varies between users, so it may be necessary to tidy up the DOIs you 
already have entered for this field so that you can actually search for 
DOIs in the form:



David Newman

On 23/03/2021 08:04, Mattes, Verena via Eprints-tech wrote:
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> Hello all,
> We received a request from one of our researchers for the option to 
> search exact DOIs. He maintains some EPrints collections for research 
> groups and often gets sent only the DOI for the publication that he is 
> supposed to add to a collection.
> I added the two eprints fields used in our system for DOIs to the 
> eprints_search_advanced.pl script. The problem is that the search 
> term, e.g. 10.1016/j.ejor.2018.02.047, is split into parts for the 
> search with several to many entries shown as results. Additionally, 
> the search ignores parts of the DOI (Ignoring: "10", "j", "02").
> Does anyone? have an idea what to do to have an exact match as a 
> search result?
> Thanks in advance,
> Verena
> Verena Mattes
> Dep. Digital Services
> Bayreuth University Library
> Phone: 0049-921-553452
> Mail: verena.mattes at uni-bayreuth.de
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