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[EP-tech] ORCID Support Advance Plugin Query

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the affiliation section of the ORCID Support Advance Plugin.

If an institution didn't want to send affiliation data to ORCID records, would it be as simple as deleting this section of the code?
#Details of the organization for affiliation inclusion - the easiest way to obtain the RINGGOLD id is to add it to your ORCID user record manually, then pull the orcid-profile via the API and the identifier will be on the record returned.
$c->{"plugins"}->{"Event::OrcidSync"}->{"params"}->{"affiliation"} = {
                                                "organization" => {
                                                        "name" => "My University Name", #name of organization - REQUIRED
                                                        "address" => {
                                                                "city" => "My Town",  # name of the town / city for the organization - REQUIRED if address included
                                                        #       "region" => "Countyshire",  # region e.g. county / state / province - OPTIONAL
                                                                "country" => "GB",  # 2 letter country code - AU, GB, IE, NZ, US, etc. - REQUIRED if address included
                                                        "disambiguated-organization" => {
                                                                "disambiguated-organization-identifier" => "ZZZZ",  # replace ZZZZ with Institutional identifier from the recognised source
                                                                "disambiguation-source" => "RINGGOLD", # Source for institutional identifier should be RINGGOLD or ISNI
Would there be any unintended repercussions from doing that?

With thanks,

Dr Catherine Ferris
IReL Open Scholarship Officer
IReL, Maynooth University Library, Co Kildare, W23 VP22, Ireland. 
E: catherine.ferris@mu.ie W: www.irel.ie