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[EP-tech] Antwort: Red and Publish Table

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Hi James,

great work, thank you!

We added R&P contract information to our Journal Database JDB just very recently.
Example for a record: https://www.jdb.uzh.ch/id/eprint/36085/ (see at bottom of page).

Also, in our repository ZORA, we use a script that uses DOI / article title / contract year list to match the R & P contract data in JDB and add it to the repository record. This information also goes into our recently built Open Access Monitor (will be publicly accessible in June, see https://tube.switch.ch/videos/GzzsVOcMbU, demo starts at 9'09'').
The script has found some interesting things - for about 10% of the 2020 articles, the PDF was missing in the repo. For another 15% of the list, the repo item was completely missing. Requires workup by a librarian and also better information of the researchers / submitters will be necessary (R&P contracts are still very new at University of Zurich).

The missing puzzle piece will be a lookup component in the upload section of the repository that tells the submitter: "Hey, there is a R&P contract available for this journal. Please check if article is covered and if you can upload the published PDF." Your database would be of great value for this (at least for UK libraries).



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CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
Hi All,

For once I offer something instead of asking for something.

I was tasked with gathering all of the journal info for those journals that are part of "read and publish" deals and create some sort of searchable table.

Here it is:


The hardest part, by far, has been the gathering of data. Lots of mini web scrapers etc. and far too much manual checking. To save somebody else the effort in future, the data I've found so far is here:

JSON: https://livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk/json/reformatted_json.txt
Tab Delimited (e.g. open in excel if you like): https://livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk/json/reformatted.txt

I used this to create the table:


Specifically using Ajax/JSON to store/access the table data.

This comes with no guarantee that the data is correct, but most of it is. If anybody wants to try making this and needs any help, let me know, although I anticipate this would be a breeze for many members on the list.

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