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[EP-tech] search filter to show only the last version

Hi Yuri,

Unfortunately, I don't think this is programatically possible. The 
problem is that the succeeds field is used for storing the ID of the 
eprint the current eprint succeeds.? This means you cannot filter on 
this as you would expect the latest version of an item to have a 
succeeds value but you may also have intermediate versions that have 
this set, so you would get all but the first version if you filtered on 
succeeds being set.

I would probably advise adding something to eprints fields automatic 
that checks the succeeds value and sets a succeeded flag (i.e. boolean) 
for the item being succeeded and then recommit all your eprint records 
or at least ones that have the succeeds field set.? However, you would 
need to be careful doing this.? I would probably advise that the 
succeeded flag only gets set when the succeeding item goes live and have 
a check for if the item is retired, returned to review or deleted and 
unset this flag in the succeeded item.? However, I can also see a 
problem where you create a new version that never gets put live but has 
another new version created from it.? This would break the link back to 
the original and the succeeded flag would never get set on the original 
version.? Similarly, if the intermediate version got retired this would 
unset the succeeded flag on the original version even though it was 
technically succeeded by a later version.? However, these edge cases 
would include the record in your search when it was not appropriate, 
which on the odd occasion is probably not as big a problem as failing to 
include a record that is no longer succeeded.

Hope this helps

David Newman

On 17/02/2021 10:22, Yuri via Eprints-tech wrote:
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> Hi!
>    is there a way to search in Eprints (programmatically, with filters)
> and retrieve only the last version of each eprint? I would like to
> modify the oai script to get only the last version of an item. BTW, are
> the previous versions in eprint marked as "deleted" or is there some
> code I can use to mark them as deleted? Thanks!
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