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[EP-tech] icons for form button "new item"

This is a really basic question in a way, so I am thinking that others may have found a solution already.
We have phrases in EPrints, for customization, but has anyone been able to add an icon/image to some of the most important buttons.
The button that is perhaps the most important for OA is the "New Item" button that appears for users after they log in.
I think we would want that button to stand out, and adding an icon to it would help in that regard.
How would I do that?
Normally, I would do it with a piece of code like this, for example: <i class="fa fa-file-text-o" aria-hidden="true"></i>
Which, combined with some CSS gets me an icon.
However, the only place that I see in EPrints to make this change would be in the phrases, this one:
<epp:phrase id="Plugin/Screen/NewEPrint:action:create:title">New Item</epp:phrase>
And that string makes its way to a "value" parameter inside a form, which means I can't add any markup to get the icon.


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