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[EP-tech] IRStats2: Slow in Chrome?

Hi All,

I updated IRStats2 to the most recent version back in May (I think it was
1.01 to 1.1) from the Bazaar.

All seemed well until this week when I looked and realised there was no
data. since the upgrade. It turns out it was because of the permissions and
ownership of the process_stats file which is supposed to run frequently to
process the stats and I assume update the irstats2_ tables in the database.

After the upgrade the script was owned by www-data (whatever it's called)
and the "eprints" user didn't have permission to execute it. Due to the "no
output" options set in cron I wasn't getting any info.

It was my fault for not being thorough enough and it's all sorted now, but
I thought I would offer this as a warning to anybody who upgrades and
doesn't know to check this sort of thing.

Also the IRStats2 pages stay "loading" forever on Chrome, but load almost
immediately on FireFox. Any idea what causes this?

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