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[EP-tech] Subject Appear Duplicate

Hi Izwan,

The phrase you should need to edit is *viewtitle_eprint_subjects_list*. 
Here is the phrase as I see it in 

Items where Subject is "<epc:pin name="value1"/>"

This should only display the subject title once within the quote marks.? 
Maybe somehow this phrase has been modified.? The easiest way to find 
this out and fix it is to go to the Admin menu and then in the "Config. 
Tools" tab click on the "Phrase Editor" button.? On this page find (i.e. 
using Ctrl+F shortcut) viewtitle_eprint_subjects_list.? If it looks like 
this or more likely it has expanded the XML to look like:

Items where Subject is "<epc:pin name="value1"></epc:pin>"

then the phrase is correct and it may be the code that renders the title 
on the browse view page that is at fault.? It is worth checking that to 
the right of the box with the phrase in it says "en/system" this 
indicates it is the default system phrase and has not been modified.? If 
the phrase has been change then change the value back to the default I 
have provided and save it and then go to the "System Tools" tab of the 
Admin menu and click on "Regenerate Views" before revisiting the browse 
view page you reported the issue with.? By default the bottom of the 
browse view should have a date and time of generated.? If that is about 
the same time as you loaded the page then it has been regenerated.? So 
if the page still has the duplicate subject displayed and there is some 
other issue.

If the phrase looks the same as the value I provided and "en/system" is 
still set (or my above advice did not make a difference), then it would 
be useful to know which version of EPrints you are running, as there may 
be a bug with the code in this version that has led to your problem.? If 
you go to the http:///REPOSITORY_HOSTNAME//cgi/counter (subsituting 
/REPOSITORY_HOSTNA/ME as appropriate) should display a page that 
includes the version number.? If you can tell me that I may be able to 
look into whether this version has such a bug.


David Newman

On 20/11/2020 14:03, MOHD.IZWAN SALIM via Eprints-tech wrote:
> *CAUTION:* This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.
> Dear?all
> I just found out that some of my subject title is duplicate.
> image.png
> Where should I take a look to fix this?
> Regards
> *Izwan
> *UiTM Library
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