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[EP-tech] solved: misconfigured or failed upgrade to 3.4.1?

CAUTION: This e-mail originated outside the University of Southampton.

Hi David,

> Check to see whether there is a "sub problems" in
> /usr/share/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component.pm
eprints at repoID:~/perl_lib$ grep -R "sub problems" *
EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component.pm:sub problems
EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Upload.pm:sub problems

> ... make sure that their is no InputForm/Component.pm that supersedes  ...
eprints at repoID:~/flavours$ grep -R "sub problems" *
eprints at repoID:~/flavours$
eprints at repoID:~/site_lib$ grep -R "sub problems" *
eprints at repoID:~/site_lib$
... and nowhere else!

> check that for your EPrints install that there is a
> @ISA = ( "EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component" );
> line in
> /usr/share/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field.pm
eprints at repoID:~/perl_lib$ grep ISA EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field.pm
@ISA = ( "EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component" );

> and a @ISA = ( "EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component::Field" );
> line in
> usr/share/eprints/perl_lib/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field/Subject.pm.
eprints at repoID:~/perl_lib$ grep ISA EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field/Subject.pm
@ISA = ( "EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component::Field" );

My misconfiguration was located in site_lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/InputForm/Component/Field/Subject.pm where I replaced now successfully
our @ISA = ( 'EPrints::Plugin' );
our @ISA = ( 'EPrints::Plugin::InputForm::Component::Field' );

Many thanks for your immediate assistance