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[EP-tech] User-managment . Download-only

HI Avi,

Typically you would use "Minimal User" (minuser) type for this as does
not allow deposit but it would allow you to download "restricted to
repository users" files.  However, there are some other access this
allows the user to have, namely:

$c->{user_roles}->{minuser} = [qw{

You could remove all but "general" I am not exactly sure what else this
allows a user to do but I think it is vanishingly small.

You may need to enable minuser by adding/uncommenting it in the
namedsets/user file.  If you need to do this, you should copy it from
EPRINTS_PATH/lib/namedsets/user to
EPRINTS_PATH/archives/ARCHIVE_NAME/namedsets/user before editing it.


David Newman

On 26/03/2020 09:46, Stenger, Avischai via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Hallo to all,
> Is the a specific ?rights? so I can allow a specific User to Download File (and do nothing else)?
> I am looking for a way that a teacher can check the file but change no Stage or metadata.
> Tanks
> Avi
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