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[EP-tech] Cannot add new phrase in Phrase Editor

Hi Ilina Syazwani Musa,

One thing that looks odd here os that your menu and search bar looks be 
displaying in the wrong place, (inside the listing of phrases that can 
be edited) I am not quite sure why this is.? However, in its self this 
should not stop you from adding new phrases. What value did you enter 
into the text box next to the "Add New Phrase" button before clicking on 
that button?? If you did not enter any value (i.e. an ID for the new 
phrase) then a new phrase will not be created.


David Newman

On 10/06/2020 09:15, ILINA SYAZWANI BINTI MUSA via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've just installed eprints 3.4.1 for my organisation. This is not the 
> first time I'm using the Eprints since we already installed the older 
> version of eprints for our institutional repositories.
> Right now, I want to customize this repo. However, when I click 'add 
> new phrase' in the Phrase Editor page, it does not display the correct 
> interface. It shows exactly as tab menus as shown below. So I cannot 
> insert the new phrase for my repo. Which file I have to edit this error?
> phrase editor.JPG
> Thank you.
> -- 
> Ilina Syazwani Musa (ISM)
> Pustakawan/ Librarian,
> Bahagian Sistem Maklumat/ Information System Division,
> Perpustakaan Utama/ Central Library,
> University of Malaya,
> 50603 Lembah Pantai,
> Kuala Lumpur.
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