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[EP-tech] .docx Export

Hi John,

thanks for your quick answer. With your help, I could more or less do
what I want with the document saving it to some path on the server.

However, I'm struggling to find out how to return the actual document in
my export plugin's "output_list" subroutine. Returning $oodoc or the
file path doesn't work, obviously. Can you help me out once more, please?


Am 10.07.20 um 15:33 schrieb John Salter:
> Hi Dennis,
> I think you should be able to achieve this.
> It's similar to the way the OpenOffice / Coversheets works.
> That's normally configured to export as a PDF, but it first takes an OpenOffice document (your branded template), and replaces tags (like '##TITLE##') with rendered content.
> These are the tags:
> https://github.com/eprintsug/coversheets/blob/master/cfg/cfg.d/z_coversheet_tags.pl
> and this adds them to the OpenOffice document:
> https://github.com/eprintsug/coversheets/blob/master/lib/plugins/EPrints/Plugin/Convert/AddCoversheet.pm#L114-L127 
> Does that help?
> There are probably other ways - possibly other perl modules that would allow a more direct approach - but the above stuff seems to work OK.
> I'm using it with LibreOffice rather than OpenOffice if that's useful to know too.
> Cheers,
> John
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> Hi everyone,
> we've had a user request for exporting views/searches as a .docx file
> styled in our corporate design. Has anyone ever done something similar?
> Just for the file format, it might work to "wrap" a simple text export
> in an exporter that has a
> "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document" mimetype,
> but I don't see where I could slip in the design template along the way.
> I'd be glad to hear from your experiences. :)
> Best regards
> Dennis

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