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[EP-tech] Division/Subject/Department Info

In general, in Eprints, we should rely on ontologies (instead of
semi-static classifications) for describing organizations. This is a
very good example:


What you do, then, is to implement the ontology on the university server
(using iQvoc for example) and use it. Next time, when the org changes,
someone will decide if a split/merge/close occours and what to do. You
can also have events in ontologies, so you can be notified on changes
and keep track of what happen in the organization structure.

Il 23/01/20 11:58, James Kerwin via Eprints-tech ha scritto:
> Would you seek to preserve the old structure on items that were
> deposited during that time? Or would you want them to update to the
> new structure? Likewise if a member of staff moves from one department
> to another e.g. Department of Biochemistry to the Department of
> Chemistry. I'm aware Divisional info in Elements is attached to the
> user rather than the record.