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[EP-tech] Date Record Created

Hi James,
The 'history' dataset is your friend here!

Are you wanting to do this for a handful of records, or script something?

A dataset search along these lines should work:
dataset: history
datasetid: eprint
dataobjid: the eprint id you are interested in
action: 'create'

The history dataset is searchable via the web interface, but for some older versions or EPrints you might want to add the 'datasetid' to the search form.

Let me know if you need more info!

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Afternoon All,

In the EPrints database is there data on when a record was created? We have the date an item is deposited which indicates when an item was made live in the repository. The record is created prior to this when a user uploads a file or OA Link through Elements. The record is created in the review buffer.

When a record is modified there is a "last mod" date and when it goes into the live archive this is treated as the deposit date.

If not I can find a way to make it happen in future. It would be incredibly helpful if I didn't need to do this.

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