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[EP-tech] Eprints show default apache page

That address isn't in the public DNS, so when people outside your 
organisation attempt to connect to repository.unsoed.ac.id it doesn't work.

You need to talk to the people who run DNS for unsoed.ac.id and have 
them put repository.unsoed.ac.id in the public DNS.

It is likely your university has a "firewall" too. This is a protection 
that stops the whole world being able to connect to any computer on 
campus (and hack them). A firewall has individual permitted holes, so 
this server would probably need 80 & 443 (HTTP web traffic). Again, this 
will need to be done by whoever runs the campus computer network. It is 
likely they may want to ask questions and check the security of your 
server before they do this, depending on how strict they are.

On 29/04/2020 12:22, Aris Kurniawan via Eprints-tech wrote:
> Regards
> Help me
> eprints server is still local, only accessible to computers that are
> connected to the server.  along with the needs of students and campus
> I request domain and public IP.
> but there is a problem.  eprints can only be accessed if using campus
> internet, if not using campus internet the browser display is the
> default apache page.
>   how do i resolve this?
> This is my url eprints for repository my campus
> repository.unsoed.ac.id
> Thank you
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