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[EP-tech] Advanced Search: Appearance of boolean fieldsj

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry, if I overlooked something in the documentation, but I
couldn't find information on how to change the appearance of a boolean
eprint field in the advanced search.

By default, it seems to be rendered as a drop down menu. In our case,
however, we see radio buttons or even a checkbox more fit. Is there a
way to change the appearance on the search page (like there is for the
workflow using the field property "input_style")?

Best regards
Dennis M?ller
Universit?tsbibliothek Mannheim
Abteilung Digitale Bibliotheksdienste
68131 Mannheim
Tel.: 0621 / 181-3023
E-Mail: dennis.mueller at bib.uni-mannheim.de

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