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Re: [EP-tech] Cannot login to new installation

Hi Ravi,

Please could you tell me which version of EPrints you have installed and how you installed it (e.g. from the DEB or RPM package, the tarball/zip on files.eprints.org, from GitHub, if so which release or changeset, etc.).  

As a general first thing to check, you should have a look at your Apache error log to see if any error message gets generated when you successfully authenticate but get thrown back to the login page.


David Newman

On 06/12/2019 05:42, Ravi Murugesan via Eprints-tech wrote:

I'm new to EPrints. I've just set up my first EPrints website and I am able to see the homepage on my browser. When I try to login with the admin account I'd created during the installation, the page refreshes and I see the login page again. I am not actually able to login. When I put an incorrect password, I get the 'incorrect username or password' error message. So it seems that my login credentials are being validated but for some reason I'm not going through into my account.

I have tried creating other admin accounts and an editor account, but the same error persists on different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Edge). Could someone please help?

Many thanks,
Ravi Murugesan

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